5 Fun Facts on Bears for Kids

Bears are cooling and exciting animals. Kids often like learning about bears and the different types of bears that live in the wild. There are some interesting bear facts for kids that they will find fun and exciting. These facts about bears are interesting and they will allow a child to expand their knowledge about bears.

1. Bears are the Biggest Lumbering Animal

Bears can do many different things. They are able to go into the pond for fishing, they can climb trees, and they can also pick up food and other objects out of the trash. Bears can walk on their four paws and they can also stand on their hind legs at times. This allows them to be a lumbering animal and they are the largest of their kind. Limbering can be explained as animals with clumsy movement and can move different ways on their paws. They can use two paws or four paws

2. Only Predator

Humans do hurt bears but in nature, they do not have too much to fear. There is one animal that will hunt the bear and that is the tiger. The tiger is the only known predator of the bear and is the only animal brave enough to try to take down a bear that is fully grown. Bears only live in forested regions on Africa so this encounter does not happen too often. There are some parts of Africa where bears do live.

3. Bear Groups

There are different names for bears based on the number of them that are in the group. A family or if bears are living in a group they are known as a sloth. Male bear is called a boar while the female bears are called sow. A baby bear is known as a cub. The females and the babies stay together for several months while the babies grow up and learn how to live on their own.

4. Bears are great swimmers

They are much better swimmers than humans. Polar bears are able to swim a long distance. They can swim 30 miles without taking a break. According to scientists, a bear is able to swim up to 200 miles. This is a great distance and a human will not be able to keep up with them. This is a lot of swimming.

5. Polar Bear Coloring

When a person thinks of a polar bear they often image a bear that is white. The polar bear is not fully white. The skin of the polar bear is actually black. No one is able to see the skin underneath the bear they are only able to see the fir. It is not recommended to get close enough to a polar bear to see the skin. They should be enjoyed from a distance.

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These are some cool facts about bears that children should know. These factors are interesting and will allow a child to embrace their knowledge of the bears. Bears are large and breathing creatures and these are some interesting facts about them that will keep the child entertained.